Included modules

At the moment the following 3rd-party modules are provided:

Additionally Cardinal provides its own modules for DAW/Host automation, time position, audio to CV pitch conversion and internal plugin hosting.

Adding modules

Installing new modules on a Cardinal build is not possible, but we can integrate existing open-source modules to be part of Cardinal.
Details on this are available here.
Also check this wiki page where we discuss possible modules to include.

Module restrictions

All included modules are open-source and have a GPLv3+ compatible license. (GPLv3-only modules are not allowed)
It is a requirement that the final Cardinal binary is GPLv3+ licensed.

Module dependencies should be kept at a minimum, as otherwise it quickly grows the complexity of the build.
Online access (such as phone-home) is not allowed.

Worth noting that a few modules have artwork licensed separately from their code.
These licenses range from CC-0 to CC-NC-ND to custom (used with permission).
An overview of the included artwork licenses can be seen here.

Even though CC-NC is problematic for packaging (some linux distributions are commercial in nature), Cardinal allows their use because of how prevalent they are across many Rack modules.
Even the Rack "Component Library" (which can be considered the base widget elements) is CC-NC licensed.

Any artwork that uses a custom license has had explicit permission to be used in Cardinal.